Wonder Mama

I struggle with the word rescue.

Because I have noticed that sometimes when I cry for help, God invites me to embrace my volitional power. That goes against what I thought I needed. I wanted the Spirit to stand up for me.

But it has been true. I have been coming alive and standing against what I am meant to oppose.

Last month my daughter went to homecoming with friends. I was a driver and a photographer that day. I loved it. The kids were cute. Beautiful. Awkward. Silly. Very much what 15-year-old kids are supposed to be.

We were taking photo’s in a park downtown by the river. I had dropped the kids off and driven farther to find a parking spot. When we were done, I walked back to get the car so the girls in their high-heels didn’t have to.

It was a busy evening. Kids were everywhere as several schools had homecoming that night.

As I walk along the sidewalk, I see a tall young man get out of his car with an angry face. He is dressed in homecoming best. He starts to yell at the truck across the street. The window of the red Ford rolls down and a grown man with a goatee starts to yell back. The kid gives him the finger, the man says, “No, F- you!” and gets out of his truck.

He walks aggressively toward the kid. They are yelling at each other in the middle of the street. Two homecoming mom’s move to gently restrain the kid. He allows himself to be pulled back.

They didn’t have to try hard.

The man is still advancing.

Before I have a thought in my mind, I am walking towards him.

Walking straight through the rubber-necking traffic.

I get so close to him I am looking up at him.

I say, “Knock it off, get back in your truck.” He has dark sunglasses on so I cannot see his full expression. He yells some obscenities over the top of my head.

But he climbs back in his truck. I look at him, now sitting in his Ford, and say, “Act like a grown-up.”

And he drives on. As I walk to the sidewalk, he hollers back to me out his window, “You act like a grown-up.” To which I say to myself, “I am.”

I am 5’2”. Both the kid and the man were larger than me. I did not think, “Is this safe?” until I was retelling the story to my husband. In the moment, I was so certain that I just acted. I have no idea what I would have done had the man not listened to me.

Adults who act like children cause me to twirl around until I think I’m wearing a Wonder Woman suit.

Super hero’s can be a bit reckless.

On that day, I used my small and mighty power to protect a child. Maybe that young man did not feel my mama fierceness. But that is what I came with. It will not be on my watch that a foolish adult will cause chaos for a young man going to homecoming.

Even if the young man started it.

When I participate in a overturning an imbalance of power, I also fight for young places in me that no one came for, saw or heard. I take those places back through my action. As a young girl, I would have been frozen.

I am no longer frozen.

I am becoming the woman and mama I have needed, and maybe those around me just happen to benefit too.

jill dyer