Rocks and Fresh Water

The warm, humid morning is heating up quickly as we drive to the lake near our house. My daughter and I are on a mission. We are leaving some heavy things behind in a place that has marred our hearts and spoken lies about our truest selves. A kind friend suggested months ago that I make a type of ceremony to mark my leaving the physical place where such assault has occurred.

We named the harm specifically and wrote it on the rocks with black sharpie. One by one we threw each rock. I had to be honest with my daughter and tell her that I wasn’t quite moved to the place of forgiveness, but I am ready to release.  We yelled with some and teared up with others. Evil uses many voices to whisper or yell lies. We did the same as we released the messages and messengers of the one who truly hates us.  

It felt lighthearted by the end to be slinging these palm-size rocks. We are moving toward freedom and leaving old stories, old rumors, old lies behind. I struggle to put words around what we have encountered in this constricted place in the Bible belt. There is a strict code of conduct that requires that people adhere to all the rules or be punished. My brave and shy daughter spoke out and it has angered the powerful presence that so many people are in agreement with. She named actions as unloving and she was right. Her move toward love and accepting herself has opened a viaduct of life that is bringing fresh water into the hearts of our whole family. Even though I have anger and sadness over the people who have cursed us, I am also able to bless that it took a lot of pain to get us to move our position as well.

We filled up a murky brown lake today with old and worn out emotion.  Emotions that we aren’t carrying to our new place of safety.

Goodbye rigidity

Goodbye judgment

Goodbye lies

Goodbye fear

Goodbye exclusion

Goodbye restriction

Goodbye small-mindedness

Goodbye resistance

Goodbye just aren’t the boss anymore.

By Shandee Mikesh

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